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Hello dear!

I am doing fine, I am glad to say that there overall has been an improvement in my frontal hair density.

I had my hair cut by a local hair stylist, and he cut it very short (my guess would be somewhere between 7-9 mm in the back), I got quite worried, but when I checked my scar area in a mirror I couldn’t seen any signs of a scar and none of my friends ever mentioned anything, so I guess the scar area also has gone through an great improvement that breaks up the line like appearance. Excellent – Thank you


Yasin, Spain


  • …Healing process is unbelievably fast…


Hello all of you!

In general my life has changed very positively and I greatly appreciate your part in this journey I have went through.

Thanks a lot.

Bye for now.

Dr Osama Khalid , Kharian Gujrat


  • …Professional and amazing service..

Salam Dear Jawad,

I would just like to thank you for your very pleasant reception and for treating me so well when I had my operation this week.

There is not much evidence left of the operation. The scabs seem to be falling off on their own and the healing process is unbelievably fast.

I will visit personally next week to show how it looks.

Best regards

Ch Iftikhar

MD, Master tiles ,Gujrat


  • …They kept me constantly informed…


Dear Dr Jawad,

There’s no need to feel nervous” I thought, but nevertheless of course I felt a bit tense in the hours before it was time for the operation.

My nervousness proved to be quite unwarranted. I never felt even a suggestion of pain and all the staff with Dr jawad at their head showed unbelievable professionalism as they kept me constantly informed of what to expect as well as asking if I had any special wishes as their patient.

I would like to thank the GHT Clinic for their very friendly treatment.

Best regards

Naseer Ahmed ,Spain



  • …Burn injury…

Hello jawad, hello everybody.

Hope you all are fine.

It has been almost one year of my hair transplantation. I am really convinced and happy with the results.

Thanks a lot!

Dr Babar Malik, Sweeden


  • …I am convinced and happy with the results…


I am enclosing two pictures taken six months after the operation. I can only confirm that you do what you say and that I could never have imagined that hair transplantation could go so smoothly.

The future will show whether I return for more treatment. I am satisfied with your work and can happily recommend you.

Best wishes

Naveed, Canada


  • …Unbelievably nice follow-up…

A couple months later it was finally time for my operation. I was very nervous at first and hoped that everything would go fine. Everyone at the clinic was extremely friendly and their positive attitude helped me to relax. They fixed me lunch and I was even able to watch films during the procedure.

When it was over, I got all the information I needed to take care of the donor and recipient areas. The day had gone extremely well and I was surprised how quick the time went.

It has currently been three months since my operation and I am looking forward to my hair growing in. It would be great if it would grow immediately, but unfortunately it takes at least six months before I will be able to see the results. I cannot wait!

I would like to thank everyone at the GHT Clinic for the way they took care of me.

Dr Anwar Rehmat , Deputy Director, Shelokh Hospital, Jalal Pur Jattan, Gujrat


  • …gratitude and satisfaction…

Dear Doctor,

Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with the hair transplant process you performed. Not only was the actual process less painful, the days after were far less uncomfortable and there is little doubt in my mind that all of the 1400 grafts took, except for one that I know I lost. Much appreciation for a job well done and I will send you a picture of my full mane in a year or so.


Imran , Marryland(USA)


  • …the world’s best in his field…

Dear Jawad,

you and your staff did a beautiful job, it looks great.  I know I pushed you a bit but I wanted it to get me through the next 5-10 years without having to worry about it, so I thank you.

Dr Shehzad Waseem

Periodontics and Dental Implants, Bhimber Road ,Gujrat

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